When Robots and AI do our work for us ...

What will people do if robots and AI do all our work for us? Should we leave the working world as we know it behind us forever – or find new forms of cooperation between humans and machines? Should we be liberated from our work and decide for ourselves just how and where we do our work? The 11 sections of the exhibition show what fundamental changes AI and robots will lead to and what might lie ahead. Visitors are confronted with the questions of how we, as people and as society, want to cope with this - which chances we can grasp and which risks and dangers we will have to face. 

Hamburg, Museum der Arbeit (Locate)
Nov. 7 / 2018 until May 19 / 2019

A joint exhibition project by ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius and the Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg.